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Saturday, 17 November 2012 GOSH food Lifestyle - Annie the French talent

Bonjour GOSH fooders,

Today I am introducing you to Annie a French friend I met in London a few years ago while I was not yet a GOSH fooder myself.

Open, joyful and friendly Annie is also very keen on learning; her horizon is wide.
She teaches French in central London with a ‘sur-mesure’ approach that suits corporate an individual needs. 

A good opportunity to mention that the GOSH food lifestyle is not only influenced by my French nature and culture but also very French by the way I do speak and write in English. Maybe I should book a few classes with Annie. 
Let’s talk with Annie.

GOSH food: Tell us your story; how did you become a French teacher in London?

 AG: I can actually teach French, English and Spanish but as I am a native French teacher I have decided to focus on French. I initially studied English at university and then trained as a French teacher with an MA in French as a Foreign Language. My first position was in the South Pacific, Vanuatu, where I worked for a year as a Teaching Advisor and a Teacher Trainer, travelling throughout the archipelago. When I came back to Europe, London was the easiest option as I could already speak English. Afterwards, I went on with my training with a Cambridge CELTA from International House Barcelona and a PGCE from Exeter University. I could travel more but I love London...

GOSH food: Tell us what makes you a unique French teacher?

AG: I think learning a foreign language should be fun and interesting so I adapt my material to match my students’ interests and learning styles. I often use my students’ passions to get them to speak French. For example, if I was teaching you, Ange, I think we would be speaking a lot about Nutrition, the food revolution and the best restaurants and food shops in London. With one of my previous students, we used a lot of articles, videos and magazines about opera. Each student is unique so it is important to be flexible. It is quite rare but some students prefer a more traditional approach with a lot of grammar activities so you need to take this into consideration too.  It can be very enjoyable to learn a language even when it is for work or business. 

GOSH food: You must be very patient, what qualities are required in your job?

 AG: Yes, it is crucial to be patient. Some students progress really fast but for some it takes time so you need to take as much time as necessary to explain and practise. You also need to have a good sense of humour and be able to put the students at ease. Some students have never learnt a foreign language before or for some it has been such a long time that it can be a daunting situation. Of course, you also need to know your subject and be confident in delivering your lessons.    

GOSH food: What is the minimum time required to learn the basics in French?

AG: If the student is a false beginner, for example if he/she has studied French a long time ago, it is just a refresher course so it is usually very fast. Sometimes only a few hours are necessary. Each student is unique so it is difficult to say exactly as there are a lot of factors to take into account. Usually, if a student already speaks a foreign language, it is faster and even faster if the student speaks a Latin language like Spanish or Italian.

GOSH food: More than French you have several passions, can you talk us through them?

AG: I love photography. As you can see on my website, I take a lot of pictures and mainly portraits and landscapes. In London, I have developed a passion for Contemporary Art and I spend a lot of time in cinemas, watching independent and world films or classics. I also enjoy making jewellery and sailing. I only wish I had more time to fit everything...

GOSH food: Let’s talk about food now. What do you think about GOSH food concept?

AG: It is a great concept. Food is so important for our general well being and health. It should be everyone’s priority and from a young age. GOSH Food shows it is possible with a busy lifestyle and a family to eat simple, tasty, nutritious, good food every day. It is very inspiring.  

GOSH food: How do you make sure you eat healthily while you’re working?

AG: I always keep a bottle of water with me with some snacks like little apples, dried fruits or mixed nuts with me. I also make sure I have enough time to enjoy my lunch breaks and do eat a lot of salads and Japanese food like sushi and sashimi. I have regular meals with small portions and I keep hydrated all day.

If you wish to learn or perfect your French you can get 5% off Annie's classes, find out more on Annie’s website:

Au revoir GOSH fooders,

@nge - Founder of GOSH Food