London French Lessons

Native French Tutor

Matthew is a lovely student who works in Marylebone, London. I teach him face to face or online, depending on where he is on the day. It is a real delight to see him every week and see his French progress. 

Catherine is a Secondary school teacher. 

She took some French lessons at home at the week end in preparation for her marriage and her move to the South of France. 

She now lives and works in Aix en Provence and is married to a lovely Frenchman.

I am so happy for her. A new life in France is possible 

Jenny and Andy have been learning French with me for a few years now. 

They prefer to learn at home in Blackheath, which is convenient as they have children. 

It has been a real delight to  see their French progress and their family grow at the same time.  

John was one of my very first student when I arrived in London in 2001. 

He failed his GCSE French exam when he was in high school but I prepared him for the DELF A1 exam and he passed it successfully. 

I moved on to work as a Client Manager in a Language Agency and he went on to work for Société Générale in Paris for a few years. 

We have kept in touch throughout the years and we caught up a few days ago to celebrate his retirement. 

He is the living proof that your high school grades do not determine how good you will be at learning and speaking French as an adult. 

It was so nice to see him on one of his last days at work. 

Learning in the office can be fun!

Here with my student Alena in her office. 

Victoria, a really nice student who works as a Lawyer in the City.
Mihaly has just completed a PhD in the University of Cambridge. He is having his French lessons in a café in Islington.  

My students are completing some grammar activities on the internet. 

Bryony is working as a Top PA in the City.
She did not feel at ease having her picture taken but she kindly accepted to be in the Happy Students Gallery.

Merci Bryony!

My student Dan is working in advertising. 

He has his French lessons either at home in Pimlico or in the office or a café in Brick Lane, depending on his busy timetable and where he is on that day. 

Alex is having his lessons in a pastry shop next to Liverpool Street after work. He has made tremendous progress and is now preparing for a French exam.