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Learning French can be challenging but it needs to be fun as well. Each person being different and unique, I recommend that my students develop their own strategies to practise and develop a positive image of France, the French people, the language and the culture. Some will enjoy watching Artistic French films, watching French television or listening to French radio, others will prefer reading newspapers and authentic material. Some students like pages of grammar exercises... Whatever your style, choose the way you will do it.

Below you can find a few tips, links and recommendations.

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French Alphabet

Where could we start if not from the beginning. Yes, the alphabet.
The French alphabet includes a few tricks for English speakers. Obviously, although the alphabet is similar in French and English, we do not pronounce the letters the same way.
Fortunately, a few tips can help along the way...

  • Tip 1: English speakers find it really difficult to pronounce 'E' so if you have some French colleagues try to listen to their French conversations and you will hear it is a sound we use all the time when we hesitate: 'euh...'. 

  • Tip 2: 'G' in French is pronounced 'Jay' and 'J' in French is pronounced 'Gee', which is confusing as it is the contrary in English, alors, keep this in mind.

  • Tip 3: To pronounce 'H', just say 'Ash' like in ashtray.

  • Tip 4: To pronounce 'R', just say 'Air', and breathe.

  • Tip 5: The French letter 'U' is extremely important and many English speakers struggle to pronounce this letter correctly. So be aware of your palate and the position of your tongue. Say the French letter 'I' (in English pronounce 'eeee'), keep your jaws and tongue in the same position but round up your lips... Et voila! You are making the right sound: 'U'. Bravo!

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New French Words

Each time I go back to France I get to learn new words. Can you guess what these words mean?

- Kiffer

- Bombasse

- Nomophobe

- Locavore

- Chronophage

- Selfie (Yes, it is now a French word)

- Cagole

Tongue Twisters

Well, not exactly tongue twisters but a few words some of my students find difficult to pronounce...

- Vous réussissez

- Il n'y en a pas

- L'aéroport 

- La réalisatrice 

- Je pleurerai 

- J'utiliserai 

- Le psychanaliste

- Le commissariat 

- La consigne

- De l'huile d'olive

Is it easy for you?