Saint Emilion Saint Emilion Street Sign in the village 203469216 Macaroon Shop 203469217 Underground Chapel 203469218 Vin de garage Learning more about the 'garage wines' produced in the backyard of some of the properties. Some are so good they can compete with the biggest names. 203469219 Saint Emilion - The village 203469220 Cannelé Bordelais Local delicacy 203469221 Old style Macaroon 203469222 Grapes for the Saint Emilion Wine 203469223 Wine Tasting 203469224 The Château we visited A château in this wine region is not necessarily a castle. It is the name given to the wine producing building/property and sometimes it just looks like a big plain building. 203469225 Grape for the Saint Emilion Wine 203469226